Our structured courses consist of:


Thirty hours of class

Six hours of private behind-the-wheel training
Critical decision making lessons and Hazard recognition
Vehicle handling and vehicle balance
Space Management, City Driving and merging
Defensive driving and Speed Management
Daily lectures and group discussion on mental maturity and the skills required to be the safest on the road.
Daily worksheets and quizzes to make students aware of the increased risks teens face during their first years of driving and what is needed for permit exam preparation.
Insightful "Drunkbusters" simulation goggles for in-class demonstrations.

Our Special in-class presentations include:

Driving Skills for Life
State Highway Patrol
Minnesota Dept of Public Safety
National Insurance Institute


All sessions include in depth discussion and lectures on the mental preparation required of teenage drivers to deal with the three most common causes of fatal crashes: unrestrained drivers and passengers, drunk driving, and distracted driving.

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